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Nazir Sabir Expeditions outfit package tours, specializing in treks, mountaineering expeditions, family and old age group tours and trips tailored to the individual need. NSE operate trekking and outdoors trips to the corners of Karakoram and across Himalaya.

        Trekking Trips

K2 BC is a highlight for trekkers allowing thousands of adventure lovers to enjoy the magnificence of the Karakoram and is also known as the "Worlds Ultimate Trek".
Gondogoro La adds a new dimension to this magnificent trek and we see stunning views of the Karakoram giants like K2, Broad Peak and Gasherbrum massif.
Fairy Meadows gives the access to the north side of Nanga Parbat 8125m is the 9th highest in the World is the nearest from the Karakoram Highway and the Indus River.
Nanga Parbat is Sanskirit meaning " Naked Mountain" while locals call her Diamir; the abode of fairies is known as "Killer Mountain" for its ferocious avalanches.
K2 Classic   (22 days)
K2 Circular  (22 days)
Fairy Meadows  (14 days)

Rupal Face  (10 days)

Diran earned the reputation of the third killer mountain after Nanga Parbat and K2. The trek into it's BC goes along beautiful meadows and stunning views.
Diran BC Trek  (13 days)

This trek takes us deep into the fascinating Hushe Valley with great views of Msherbrum, K7, K6 and surrounded by dozens of peaks and unclimbed towers enroute.
Charakusa K6  (15 days)


Rash Phari (5098 m/16,824 ft) meaning "sparkling lake" is one of the most popular trekking peaks in the Nagar Valley and is suitable for for beginners and novices alike.
Minglig Sar (6050m) is located near the crystal lake at the end of Shimshal Valley in Hunza neighboring the Chinese southern most mountain range of Kun Lun.
Hushe is the last village where jeep road ends. It is 140km east of Skardu and the starting point for expeditions and trekking to various peaks and rock towers.
Spantik is known by various names all depicting different aspects of its beauty and grandeur and known to be one of the easiest 7000m peaks in the Karakoram.
Rashphari Peak (14 days)
Minglig Sar  (20 days)
Gondogoro Peak  (15 days)

Spantik Peak  (35 days)

The rocky pyramid of K2, originally known as Chogory is by far the hardest mountain besides being the most beautiful amongst the 14 (8000m) peaks
Magical K2   (66 days)

Broad Peak is named for the immense bulk of its peak. It has a strong presence in its environs neighboring K2 and its local name is 'Falchan Kangri'.
Broad Peak   (50 days)

Gasherbrum (8035m) in local language means "Shining Wall". Climbers have described it as an impressive but achievable peak for beginners in Himalaya.
Gasherbrum II   (52 days)

        Light Adventures

Day hikes are designed as light adventures for families and people of all ages in familiar surroundings of Hunza Valley with magical mountain ambience.
Deosai is the highest and largest Plateau on the planet earth at an average height of 4200m above sea level. Deosai literally means "sleeping giant".
Heli treks combine the thrill of trekking in the glacial surroundings around Baltoro flying over the colorful valleys of Skardu and Shigar to Concordia and back.
The bird watching season goes around the year but winter is even better when a wide variety of birds visit the wetlands and plains of Pakistan from Siberia.
Hunza Hike   (12 days)
Deosai Excursion  (09 days)
Heli Safari  (10 days)

Bird Watch  (08 days)

        Cultural Tours

Traveling along the Karakoram Highway is an experience that will captivate and enthrall anyone driving along the stunning landscape of Hunza Nagar valleys of Shangri La.
Hunza is considered "Shangri-La" of Hilton's Lost Horizons right in the heart of Karakoram that is much blessed with natural unparalel beauty anywhere on this planet.
Gandhara region had been the intellectual centre of Buddhism and learning for centuries and the cradle of the world famous Ghandhara sculpture, culture and art.
Baltistan is the eastern centre of the longest glaciers, highest peaks and towers of the Karakoram range where villages are oasis in a vertical wilderness of rock and ice.
Silk Route   (14 days)
Hunza Nagar   (11 days)
Gandhara Trip  (15 days)

Across Baltistan (14 days)

        Destinations Abroad

Afghanistan is a fertile land of colorful cultures and people with 44 languages spoken by hardy tribes who for centuries facing foreign invaders and denying occupation.
The Everest Base Camp trek is one of the dreams of every individual into outdoors. It has everything to offer up the  Khumbu Valley with incredible mountain views.
A challenging mountaineering proposition, Muztagh Ata (7546m) rises amongst the green meadowns of the Kun Lun range in the Xinjiang province of Western China.
The northern side of K2 lies in a remote region of western China.We begin the journey in Kashgar to Mazar-Dara through spectacular scenery and high passes to Elik.
Afghanistan  (14 days)
Everest BC  (13 days)
Muztagh Ata  (30 days)

K2 North  (25 days)