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About Us

Nazir Sabir Expeditions outfits package tours specializing in treks, mountaineering expeditions, offers family, old age group and trips tailored to the individual needs and budget. It has serviced scientific research and photographic filming missions and has pioneered environmental friendly efforts in collaboration with world agencies and green movements and launched cleaning expeditions. In fact the preservation of the natural habitat, its flora and fauna is closest to the heart of Nazir Sabir, a naturalist by inclination and a vegetarian by choice.

In the words of Nazir Sabir: "The purpose of NSE is to make our explorations of the unknown as rewarding as you wish and as safe as we can. As a mountaineer who has watched the day dawn after lonely nights of terror and close brushes with death on the world's highest peaks, I can say there's nothing like returning for a new encounter with the unknown. Our clients often do. That is when we feel truly rewarded".

Our prices are competitive but never at the cost of quality. We deliver what we promise and do not promise what we cannot. This makes NSE a synonym for reliability.

Plan your holiday outings in the safe hands of NSE.
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